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Citizens of Southern California need to know their rights and options when it comes to personal injury and sexual harassment lawsuits. The law office of Marc D. Mabile has been practicing in the San Diego and Los Angeles area since 1995 and offers comprehensive, expert legal counsel for clients in a variety of practice areas. If you believe that you are facing a personal injury lawsuit or a sexual harassment claim, we are here to help.


Why Do I Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

An unfortunately common dispute in the United States is sexual harassment. When one person or party makes employment-related decisions about a person based on that person’s sex, sexual orientation, or sex-related qualities (such as a woman being pregnant), it is an act of sexual discrimination.

Sexual harassment can include: making unwelcome sexual advances, demanding sexual favors, making consistent rude or offensive jokes or comments about a person based on his or her sex, and unwanted physical or sexual content (in these cases, the perpetrator will often face assault, battery, sexual assault, or rape charges). Sexual harassment is illegal in the United States, and sexual harassment claims in the workplace are overseen

by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). When you file a report with the EEOC, the organization will conduct an investigation to establish whether or not any harassment took place. Having an attorney by your side will make the filing process much easier, and your attorney will also help you explore your options for legal recourse against the offender.



  1. "Marc represented me against my employer regarding a sexual harassment claim. He worked very hard and closely with me. He made himself available to speak with me about the status of my case anytime I needed. The result he obtained for me was better than I ever imagined. If I were ever in need of an attorney, I would definitely call him."

    Ana M.

  2. "I retained Marc after I was hit by a car while walking across a street at night. I broke multiple bones and suffered internal injuries. I was hospitalized for a long time. The police blamed me for causing the accident. Marc filed the lawsuit and took multiple depositions. He retained the best experts and positioned the case where the driver that hit me finally agreed to pay all of the insurance policy limits. He kept me advised of all developments as they occurred. I recommend him for any legal matter you may have."

    Clay P.

  3. "I am 90 years old. Marc represented me after I was injured in a car accident. The driver of the car that hit me claimed to have entered the intersection on a green light even though I entered the intersection on a green light. After taking 7 depositions including two traffic engineers from the City of San Diego, Marc was able to resolve the case for me for more than I expected. I was very happy with his services."

    Ernest O.



Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury law covers any incidents between private citizens in which one harms another. Although a personal injury lawsuit may seem straightforward on the surface, the truth is quite the opposite. If another person or entity caused you injury and damages, you need a reliable attorney to navigate the legal process and obtain fair compensation. Almost every personal injury lawsuit revolves around the concept of negligence. Your attorney will need to show a court that the person who injured you was negligent in some way. This entails:

  • Establishing that the defendant (the person or party being sued) owed the plaintiff  (the person or party suing) a duty to act with reasonable care.
  • Proving that the defendant breached this duty of care in some way – this means showing that any other reasonable adult in the same situation would have acted differently.
  • Showing that the plaintiff’s injuries and damages were the direct result of this breach.

In a personal injury lawsuit, you can collect compensation for your medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and lost wages from time spent away from work due to your injury. Your attorney will be invaluable when it is time to prove your losses to the court and obtain a fair amount of compensation. Personal injury lawsuits can quickly spiral into complicated matters, so it is vital to connect with an attorney who has an established record of success in personal injury law.

Every individual has the right to carry on with his or her life without suffering injuries due to others’ carelessness or recklessness.

Know and Protect Your Rights.

Individuals also have the right to earn a living without suffering hostility or harassment due to their sex in their place of work.


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I am a native San Diegan, and I am the second generation in my family to live in San Diego, following my grandparents' immigration from Italy. After graduating from Mission Bay High School in 1981, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Southern California.


$5.6 million

sexual harassment

$5.1 million

medical malpractice

$1.2 million

motorcycle/wrongful death


truck/automobile collision


premises liability

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$5.6 million

sexual harassment

$5.1 million

medical malpractice

$1.2 million

motorcycle/wrongful death


truck/automobile collission


premises liability

We make both home and hospital visits

Marc often meets with a client for the first time in the hospital, skilled nursing facility or their residence, as an courtesy, knowing that often clients are unable to drive to his office due to injury or lack of transportation. He understands that sometimes people feel much more comfortable meeting someone for the first time in their residence.

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