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Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are common for people of any age. Whether you slip and fall due to pavement that is not properly managed and slippery, or you slip and fall because of property hazards, such as, uneven flooring, misaligned steps, or open potholes, your medical expenses, pain and suffering may be financially compensated through a premise liability claim. This type of legal claim may also provide compensation for wage loss, future earnings loss and other costs that may be associated with the slip and fall accident.

Premise liability law is best managed through the legal representation of an attorney who has a track record of success in managing such legal claims. At my law office, I am keenly familiar with the construction and pavement issues in the San Diego area and have successfully won settlements and verdicts on slip, trip and fall legal claims.

At the onset, you may think about settling your slip and fall legal claim through small claims court. This may be the route for you to go, depending upon the extent of your injuries. Small claims court may allow for financial compensation of up to $15,000, depending upon the validity and extent of the legal claim. There are legal costs that may be absorbed by the defendant if you win your claim in the end.

If your slip and fall accident involves serious injury, my law office may be able to accept your legal claim on a contingency basis so you will not have to outlay any costs for legal fees until you win the case. Serious slip and fall injury cases may be settled or make go to trial to receive a court judgment for the award in the legal claim.

Because construction is often involved in slip and fall claims, my law office will be required to contact engineering experts and perhaps, other types of experts to establish the validity of your legal claim. The defendants homeowners and business liability insurance company typically cover the costs of slip and fall claims. In the end, my clients have been highly satisfied.

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