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Dog Bites

Dog bite lawsuits fall under the category of majority rule, meaning that the owner of the dog is legally and financially responsible for any injuries that their dog inflicts upon another individual. The only two expectations in this case are if the victim was a trespasser or conducted themselves in a negative intentional manner to prompt the dog to bite, such as, teasing or taunting the dog.

The types of damages you may collect if you are bitten by a dog are called compensatory damages. In some cases, such as, a dog owner being aware that the dog is dangerous but did not have the dog leashed or muzzled, the dog owner may be subject to punitive damages. This also may result in the dog being removed from the dog owner.The law is particularly unfriendly to dog owners who are aware their dog is dangerous or vicious. This includes a dog that conducts any of the following activities.

Dog bite lawyers must investigate the background of the dog to establish liability for a valid legal claim based on viciousness. There are cases in which the dog is only removed from the local area. There are more serious cases as well. For example, a dog owner in San Francisco was convicted of murder after her dog killed a woman. In fact, dog owners may be subject to other damages, such as, a violation of dog laws which is a crime. In order for a dog bite victim to receive financial compensation, he or she will have to establish the validity of the legal claim. Dog bite attorneys, like myself, know how to accomplish this.

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