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Bike/Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle lawsuits may be brought against a party when a victim experiences serious injury due to the negligence or fault of a motorist. In fact, there are times when a motorist may not realize they are responsible so it is wise to report bike accidents to the police immediately. Also, it is wise to contact a personal injury attorney that has extensive experience in bike accidents. Experienced bicycle accident attorneys know how to thoroughly examine bike accident cases to help ensure that the injured cyclists legal rights are protected. There may be one or more responsible parties for the victim of a bicycle accident, including:

California law allows the same protection for cyclists as it does for car owners involved in accidents. When interpreting how the law applies to your legal situation, your accident attorney will evaluate speed, use of helmet, use of hand signals, use of bike lanes, the surrounding area and the actions of the motorist who was involved in the accident. This evaluation requires the expertise of an accident attorney who is familiar with bike laws and car laws.

My law office has the resources, bike law experience, personal injury expertise and a long standing track record of achievement in positive courtroom verdicts to assist victims of bike accidents. I will swiftly bring lawsuits against any and all responsible parties so that your legal claim is managed with the greatest efficiency and timeliness. I want to secure you with financial compensation, medical expense coverage, pain and suffering compensation, lost wages and loss of quality life.

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