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Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are the third leading cause of injury related death nationwide, despite precautions taken in San Diego. In some cases, a construction accident may not be the fault of the construction worker. It is very important to identify responsible parties as soon as possible after a construction accident. An in-depth investigation by an attorney and construction experts must be performed to identify the true nature of the construction accident. This will allow ample time to purse proper litigation that protects the legal rights of construction accident victims.

In fact, a review of employment documentation should take place following a construction accident to see if an arbitration clause was signed by the worker at the time of employment. Arbitration clauses limit the amount of financial compensation that injured construction workers may be able to obtain. However, there may be other avenues to pursue when it comes to a construction accident lawsuit. Construction accidents can be extremely costly. The estimated costs for a Spinal Injury alone, resulting from a fall or other type of construction hazard are $140,000 in hospital costs for the 1st year, but lifetime cots may be in excess of $400,000 Paraplegic and $1 million for a Quadriplegic, according to a 2002 survey. This is not to mention the costs associated with traumatic brain injury, amputation, paralysis, coma or death.

Legal rights of construction accident victims and their families vary among the states. Workers may be entitled to worker’s compensation, product liability compensation, employer or contract negligence benefits. Yet, there are limitations in regulations and workers may not be aware of how they can protect themselves at time of employment, long before an accident occurs.

My law office is committed to helping workers and their families of suffering from unnecessary harm. My goal is to defend your legal rights to receive financial compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, wage loss, future earnings income loss, medical expenses and the negative impact on your family.

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