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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents fall into the classification of the most serious types of car accidents in San Diego. There may be one or more reasons why a truck accident occurs. As such, it is wise to consult with a truck accident lawyer that is highly knowledgeable in understanding all of the factors to be considered in these types of legal claims. In fact, truck accident attorneys have access to experts that can help establish the validity of claims through the re-creation of the accident. During these types of investigations, it is not uncommon to uncover that one of the following factors contributed to the accident.

It is very common to not know all of the reasons why a truck accident has occurred at the onset. Yet, the injuries that result from truck accidents are usually immediately apparent, including:

Although there are trucking regulations for trucking companies to adhere to in order to ensure the safety of their vehicles, it is extremely difficult for the U.S. Government to enforce these regulations due to lack of resources. There is a shortage of state Troopers on the roads. Weigh stations may not be open for check in. Certain trucking companies may cut corners when it comes to excessive weight loads and maintenance. While truckers may conduct their own inspection before taking a truck on the road, there may be problems that the trucker may not know about.

These types of problems may only be uncovered by experts, such as, experts that work with my Law Office. State and Federal Interstate regulations are difficult to enforce in today’s economic times. This is another reason why people may be injured in trucking accidents. In the end, the defendant responsible may be an individual but may also be the trucking company.

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