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Business Law

Business in this county is comprised of some of the most innovative entrepreneurs; with over 90% of all businesses in the County of San Diego comprised of small or medium size businesses. This factor creates the need for San Diego lawyers to have expertise with the special needs of small to medium size business, as well as, large San Diego companies.

At the law office of Marc D. Mabile, I take pride in understanding the needs of all size companies who may have a local, national and global presence. Legal services focused on funding initiatives, ethical marketing and advertising policies, business model organization, intellectual property protection, employment law, securities law and violations, regulatory compliance, as well as, recording accountability offer a fully comprehensive lead for planning to prevent the expense associated with litigation following breach of ethics, violations or otherwise breaking the law.

By the same token, unforeseen instances may occur in which your company needs the protection of your company’s legal rights with a business law attorney who is skilled on both the advance planning best practices and litigation tasks necessary to protect the interests of your business and limit harm to the company.

Reactive approaches to business law often result in unnecessary litigation which may be costly for your company without the assistance of a proactive business lawyer. My law office is prepared to be your proactive lawyer for proper business planning and litigation to protect your business interests.

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