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Aviation and Train Accidents


Airports all over San Diego County including: Lindburgh International, Brown Field, Montgomery, McClellan-Palomar, Oceanside Municipal, Gillespie Field, Ramona, Ocotillo, Jacumba, Borrego Valley, Agua Caliente, several private airparks, along with police, fire, emergency and news choppers. not to mention the numerous Military airports and the US Coast Guard San Diego’s air traffic is very busy.

There has not been a major air traffic accident in San Diego since PSA Flight 182, collided with a private Cessna 172 on September 25, 1978, but there have been numerous smaller incidents that do involve injury that do not involve a major malfunction and crash.

Airplane, jet plane, and helicopter travel have become increasingly popular in modern society. Daily commutes in a plane or helicopter are often necessary for the speed and convenience that these types of travel provide. Most airline passengers take these modes of transportation for granted because the threat of an accident is exceedingly rare. However, anyone who has stepped into a cockpit knows that these marvels of modern technology are exceedingly complex machines with highly advanced engines, navigation systems, communications systems, air pressure systems, landing gear systems, de-icing systems, etc.  They must be well designed, manufactured to stringent specifications, scrupulously maintained, and professionally operated.

When an airplane, jet plane or helicopter has a defective design, is improperly manufactured, or negligently maintained or operated, a serious aviation disaster may occur. When an aviation accident occurs, each victim generally suffers severe emotional and physical personal injury or wrongful death.

Trains and Railroad

On the ground in San Diego County we have the Surfliner Coaster, Amtrak and the Green, Blue and Orange line trolleys. Pedestrians and vehicles are often struck and those incidents involve personal injury and property damage that require legal assistance. Thousands of people ride trains every day in San Diego County. However, when trains are not maintained, or when reckless drivers try to beat the train across the tracks, a serious accident may occur.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there is a train accident about every three hours in the U.S. Also, train accidents tend to be more dangerous, especially when you consider the weight and high speeds trains can reach. The most common causes of train accidents:

A train is considered a common carrier, so when a train accident has occurred, a train accident attorney can find out if the business is liable for the injuries and damages sustained. Common carriers have a responsibility to safely transport the public by taking all precautions to avoid a train accident.

Since there are many factors that lead to a railroad accident, there are many people who can be held responsible for your injury, loss of income, or pain and suffering, if you are injured in a train accident. While it is the responsibility of the railroad company to maintain the tracks and the train you ride, truck and car drivers also have the responsibility of following the laws and not trying to sneak pass the crossbars after they’ve been lowered.

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